Beat Bloggers

Those focussing on a particular niche, either as a community service or as a contribution from an area neglected by the traditional outlets

Cultural Bloggers

Everything is culture, obviously - except Adelaide, some would say - but cultural bloggers, for the purposes of this wiki, mean people covering things like art, theatre, lifestyle, maybe sport. As distinct from, say, political bloggers or tech bloggers.

Angela Meyer summarised some elements of successful cultural blogs. See Embracing the medium: what makes a successful cultural blog? for the whole thing. Meanwhile, the six points make a good framework for starting to get at the heart of good-quality cultural blogs.

1. Embrace the medium
Blogs offer a narrative with all sorts of sticky outy bits that into and from other things on the internet. Shouldn't be afraid to set themselves apart from traditional print media.

2. Personalisation
Providing 'honest discovery, personality, insight and interest' to attract readers. Be yourself, it's your blog.

3. Persona/Character
Pick all the good, smart and dashing things about you, and project those through your blog. Even your foibles. Select content that reflects this image. DigiDave also wrote a good post about 'personal branding' and why that name sucks for what good bloggers do with their identity online.

4. Theme
Find something really specific and not too obscure to focus on.

5. Blog for the love of it
Nuff said.

6. Interaction
Engage with your readership, and facilitate private communication for mail that might not be suitable for comments - diatribes and solicitations.

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