Welcome to the Future of Blogging

Here is where anyone can post proposals that arise out of blog posts on Blog UP! You can get involved here by discussing those proposals and adding your own - click here to join.

The realm of the blogosphere concerning this manifesto, as suggested by the title of the Estate Number Five Project, is the online media blogs in all their drab-Wordpress-theme colours and shapes: from your local, anonymous citizen journalist, to your Reporters Without Borders and your comments function at The Age. he manifesto will contain points about blogosphere activity that advance this cause - for example, the debate about whether blogs should aim to emulate traditional news media outlets or whether they provide a different service, such as acting as a watchdog for these outlets. Probably there are cases of both - in which case, there will be points relating to both.


The main part of this wiki will comprise proposals that arise from the Project - whether from blog posts at Blog UP! or from users logged into the Bloggers' Manifesto. Support for proposals as well as criticisms should be substantiated to the extent that you'd expect from a high-quality investigative journalism piece.


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